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Marcus Williams Appointed Lieutenant Governor of ABA Law Student Division April 23, 2013
Marcus Williams Appointed Lieutenant Governor of ABA Law Student Division

Second-year day student Marcus E. Williams has been appointed the 2013-2014 Lt. Governor for Student Bar Association Presidents of the ABA Law Student Division, 9th Circuit. In this role, he will facilitate communications between SBA Presidents from the 9th Circuit, coordinate meet and greets with them, and likely travel to other schools as an ambassador to encourage SBA involvement.

"Serving as Lt. Governor will provide Marcus with a broad range of functions and experience," Assistant Dean Robert Mena said. "Southwestern is proud that our students continue to be active in the leadership of the ABA Law Student Division. We're so happy for Marcus, and we know he will do a tremendous job in this role."

Last year, Williams was a part of the Judicial Opportunity Internship Program through the ABA, and he was a student member of the Los Angeles County Bar Association. When he found out about this opportunity with the ABA Law Student Division, he saw it as a good way to improve the presence of the ABA within the law school realm. Before he came to Southwestern, Williams was a teacher. Through that experience, he saw the impact that individuals could have in the lives of others, and how much that effort could translate into positive results.

"I would like to do the same in this capacity," he said. "I've always envisioned myself working to improve communication networks and strengthen the programs and opportunities that law students have, not only at my home institution, but at other schools as well. Because I value what people think and look to make those improvements that are in the best interest of students - in this case my colleagues - I feel like I bring a breadth of knowledge and insight to advancing the ABA Law Student Governor's vision for the Ninth Circuit."