Southwestern Law School Los Angeles, CA

News Release

January 11, 2013
December 2012 Student Housing Construction Update

Roof Construction and Infrastructure Build-Out Continues

Roof construction, HVAC pads and roofing installation continued during the month while infrastructure installation accelerated throughout residential units. Elevator penthouses were constructed and "The Pearl" topped out with the fourth floor terrace and sun deck.

Housing Construction Overview

December 5, 2012: Overview of site shows roof work underway.

Housing Construction Team

December 5, 2012: CFO Paul Kalush, COO Janice Manis and Assistant Dean Jim Camp pose on the podium deck during a weekly construction team tour.

Height Estimate

December 5, 2012: Developer consultant John Mavar estimates height of roof equipment screens.

Elevator housing

December 5, 2012: Workers build elevator equipment housing on roof.

Interior Courtyard

December 5, 2012: View of interior courtyard from west end of roof.

Roof structures

December 5, 2012: Roof structures will support air conditioning and heating equipment and provide slopes for water run-off.

Framing and scaffolding

December 5, 2012: Framing and scaffolding fill the courtyard.

weekly meeting and site inspection

December 5, 2012: It's a bird; it's a plane. Construction team members John Mavar, Ted Snyder and Bowdy Broeker examine the building progress at weekly meeting and site inspection.

Housing Construction Overview

December 12, 2012: Overview of construction site. Elevator shaft and penthouse construction underway while infrastructure installation continues in student residences.

Lumber delivery

December 12, 2012: Lumber delivery to 4th floor residential units.

Full view of Pearl

December 12, 2012: Full view of Pearl 3rd floor study rooms and 4th floor terrace and sun deck construction. Cross-section view of elevator shaft and penthouse under construction.


December 12, 2012: Close-up of south elevator penthouse construction. 

Terrace Flooring

December 12, 2012: Pearl sun terrace flooring completed. 

View of BW

December 12, 2012: The BW Building is framed in numerous views from the residences. Bullocks Wilshire Building as seen from the second floor.

East view

December 12, 2012: View of campus and downtown from living room window on east side of the student residences.

View from north stair

December 12, 2012: View from north stair of campus walkway behind Westmoreland Building.

Roof screen supports

December 12, 2012: Roof screen supports, in red, begin to be installed.


December 12, 2012: It's lonely at the top.

concrete finish samples

December 12, 2012: Construction team members examine concrete finish samples for podium decking and hallways. A variegated pattern, using a variety of finishes, will be installed on the podium.

Study rooms

December 12, 2012: Study rooms above the Pearl begin to take shape.

Housing Construction Overview

December 18, 2012: Building drywall installation begins with elevator and stairwell penthouses.


December 19, 2012: Framing shows outlines of one of the large skylights which will flood the hallways with natural light.

Sundeck and north elevator housing

December 19, 2012: Railings around roof parapet progress in this view of the sundeck and north elevator housing.

Window frame inspection

December 19, 2012: Architect Tony Stark and consultant John Mavar inspect window frame installation in units. The large "store-front" windows will offer panoramic views and light-filled living rooms.

MDF Closet

December 19, 2012: The MDF closet will hold the "brains" of the communication, security and internet services for a state-of-the-art building.


December 19, 2012: Bathtubs are being set.

Ceiling light fixtures

December 19, 2012: Installation of ceiling light fixtures underway.

Sundeck railings

December 19, 2012: Railings around the sundeck are completed.

Future grass knoll

December 19, 2012: Rumors of a swimming pool circulate after a week of rain. This area will eventually become the "grassy knoll," including a Jacaranda tree and bench seating.

Roof view

December 19, 2012: View of snow-covered peaks from the roof.


December 19, 2012: Free cotton candy on the roof. Actually, insulation below the equipment areas of the roof.


December 25, 2012: The electricians get into the holiday spirit with a customized Christmas tree in the parking garage.

Housing Construction Overview

December 31, 2012: New Year's Eve. Multiple layers of roofing have been installed over the holidays in a successful effort to beat the rain.