Southwestern Law School Los Angeles, CA

News Release

December 17, 2012
Staff Recognized for Dedication to Southwestern

Southwestern's 125 staff members are enthusiastically committed to the law school's student-centered approach. They strive to develop and provide the highest quality services and guidance to maximize student success and satisfaction. In recognition of our staff's contributions to the law school, milestone service anniversaries were recently celebrated and several position promotions were announced.

"Southwestern is fortunate to have an extraordinary staff," Dean Austen Parrish said. Our service awards and promotions recognize the commitment of our long-serving staff to the law school and their exceptional dedication to helping our students succeed. As a school, we can be proud that the average length of service for staff is ten years."

On Friday, December 14, 18 staff members were honored with the 2012 Service Awards:

Wayne Mahoney

Dana Gabbard
Janis Yokoyama

Mauricio Ortiz

Mario Brooks
Tamara Moore
Jelani Viyai
Aaron Brown
Rosalia Casteneda
Phiyen Ramli
Mitzie Vitela

Berthania Carswell
Katrina Denny 
Nyree Gray
Kelly Greer
Tereso Real
Maxine Sawoya
Sandra Tamayo

The following staff members recently earned promotions:

Robin Apodaca - Senior Assistant Director of Career Services

Joyce Bautista - Support Coordinator, Management Information Systems

Elizabeth Bernstein - Senior Assistant Director of Career Services

Zachary Bruning - Dean of Students and Diversity Affairs Office Coordinator

Jenna Bushore - Assistant Director of Event Management and Nickel Club Coordinator, Institutional Advancement

Marcie Canal - Senior Associate Director of Administrative Services

Katrina Denny - Associate Director of Career Services

Kelly Greer - Senior Associate Director of Admissions

Anne Haga - Associate Director of Counseling Services, Diversity Affairs


Christopher Kimura - Computer Services Associate, Management Information Systems

John Kohler - Director of Event Management and Administration, Institutional Advancement

Katrina Nierva - Senior Assistant Director of Student Affairs

Anna Olivares - Academic Support and Bar-Related Programs Coordinator

Paulette Palafox - Director of Admissions and Outreach Initiatives

Angelique Porter - Director of Faculty Support Services

Erin Santos - Faculty Support Services Coordinator

Doug Snyder - Associate Director of Administrative and Audio-Visual Services

Charlyne Yue - Student Affairs Specialist