Southwestern Law School Los Angeles, CA

News Release

October 02, 2012
September 2012 Student Housing Construction Update

Reaching New Heights

The installation of Level 2 framing took off like a shot at the beginning of September and has progressed at a fast pace throughout the month. October will bring the start of Level 3 framing.


September 5: Birdseye view of the construction site with installation of vertical walls for Units 227-233, located on the west side of the site, well underway.

Prefab Walls

September 5: With each pre-fabricated wall panel weighing over 1,000 pounds, three workers guide panel into place with the assistance of a power dolly.

North View

September 5: Cross-section view of P-1 parking and Level 2 residential units along with north planter and north emergency exit.


September 6: Structural I-beam support continues at 7th Street entrance.

Steel Frame

September 7: West view of Level 2 steel frame for student lounge and business center.


September 7: Level 2 unit wiring begins.

Cantilever radius wall

September 7: Close-up of the cantilever radius wall above parking structure.

Anchoring Structure

September 7: Carpenter installs anchoring structure for unit ceiling.

Project Team Meeting

September 12: Project Team Meeting (Clockwise from Top: Sean Jordan, Bowdy Broeker, Janice Manis, Paul Kalush, Jim Camp, Ted Snyder, John Mavar and Charlie Mallers).

Second level units

September 12: Overview of site with second level units and student lounge framing nearing completion.

Parking Garage entrance

September 12: View of parking garage entrance after majority of temporary ceiling shoring has been removed.

Parking wall construction

September 12: Wall construction for parking lot emergency exit.

Steel framing with city view

September 12: View of steel framing from center of student housing complex, with downtown skyline in background.

Student Lounge Wall Frame

September 12: Close-up of student lounge radius wall frame.

pre-fab walls

September 12: Prefabricated unit wall panels ready for delivery and installation.

prefab walls

September 12: Prefabricated vertical walls delivered to Unit 205.

prefab walls

September 12: Prefabricated vertical walls await installation in Unit 205.

prefab walls

September 12: Installation of prefabricated vertical wall into support sleeve.

Ceiling joists

September 12: Installation of ceiling joists begins providing floor foundations for next level.

Plantar wall

September 12: Construction of planter wall along radius wall.

Real Estate Society Hard Hat Tour

September 18: Real Estate Society Hard Hat Tour Participants (from left to right: Bowdy Broeker (Matt Construction), Hannah Sweiss, Abbey Abuka, Mauricio Salazar and Rick Rodriguez).


September 19: Site overview shows installation of plywood forms for flooring for Level 3 of residential units beginning on west side of project.

Hard Hat Tour with Southwestern Board of Trustees and Project Team

September 19: Hard Hat Tour with Southwestern Board of Trustees and Project Team.

Second floor framing

September 26: Second level of framing rises around Stair 3 located on northwest corner.

Flooring and framing

September 26: 100 workers per day complete flooring and framing for next level of units, along with conduit for electrical and low voltage applications, plumbing and planter and garage interior walls.

Radius wall

September 26: Iconic "radius wall" rises another level, framing corner 2-bedroom units.


September 26. Framing rises around second floor of residences.

Stairway and entrance

September 26: 7th Street stair and entryway take shape.

Framing of residence corridors

September 26: Framing of residence corridors shows the spaciousness, natural light and circulating hallway air in this environmentally friendly design.


September 26: Scaffolding has been erected around the perimeter as the building grows higher.

Curved wall

September 26: The distinctive curved wall of the southwest corner now rises three stories above the street level, on its way to a five story height.

Sunset view

September 28: View of the project site in the setting sun from the Bullocks Wilshire Fifth Floor.