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Southwestern Offers New Study Abroad Program at The Hague October 12, 2011
Southwestern Offers New Study Abroad Program at The Hague

Imagine a change of scenery in the midst of your law school education, where you can study in a historic seaside city with a distinctive international presence in the legal and business landscape. A new exchange program with The Hague University in the Netherlands provides just such an opportunity for Southwestern students interested in international and comparative law.

Uniquely situated in the midst of more than 150 leading international organizations, The Hague University embraces students from around the world. Through the exchange program, students can choose from among four areas of specialization in which to focus their studies: international criminal law, human rights and humanitarian law, comparative law, and European business law. The Hague is located approximately one hour from Amsterdam via public transit.

Students may apply for a single semester or one full year of study. All classes are in taught in English. Each institution retains the right to approve proposed candidates for exchange, and Southwestern students must have their course selections approved by the Dean of Students. Southwestern may send two students per year to The Hague. The deadline to be considered for the Spring 2012 semester is October 25, 2011. More information is available online, and students interested in applying should contact Anne Wilson, Special Assistant to the Dean.

Visitors from Abroad

The Hague University has already begun sending students to Southwestern through the exchange. Snegina Kancheva thoroughly enjoyed her experience at Southwestern last year, which was her first time in the United States. "I did some research on the institution and I was very impressed by Southwestern’s faculty," she said of her decision to attend Southwestern. "I am very interested in immigration law, and I found that the state of California was a great place to learn about the American practice on dealing with this issue."

Exchange student from The Hague at Venice Beach
Exchange student, Snegina Kancheva, from The Hague at Venice Beach

Originally from Bulgaria, Kancheva is currently completing her undergraduate degree in International and European Law at The Hague University. During the two semesters she spent at Southwestern. She took 10 courses in wide-ranging subjects including international and comparative IP law, immigration law, advertising law and interviewing and counseling. "Southwestern's professors are some of the best I have ever had."

She encourages Southwestern students to take advantage of all The Hague University has to offer. "What I like the most about The Hague is that the students are all coming from different countries, with different customs, traditions and languages. This allows you to make friends with people from all over the world and better understand their cultures," Kancheva said. "The courses are very practical, and we work on projects that simulate the work of a real law firm. All of the law professors at The Hague are legal professionals who work at the many important international courts located in The Hague including - the International Court of Justice, the International Criminal Court, The International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia, The International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda, the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, etc. It is a fun and stimulating place to live and study."