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New Connelly Thriller Features Young Southwestern Grad March 23, 2011
New Connelly Thriller Features Young Southwestern Grad

A character who is a Southwestern graduate is featured prominently in Michael Connelly's new novel, The Fifth Witness. Connelly is the author of numerous best-selling thrillers, including the hugely popular novel, The Lincoln Lawyer, which has been made into a major motion picture and hit theaters last week. In Connelly's latest release, Mickey Haller, the protagonist in the books, has just hired a new first-year associate: "'Bullocks' was what we called Jennifer Aronson, the associate I had hired out of Southwestern, a law school housed in the old Bullocks department store building on Wilshire."

In an interview about The Fifth Witness, Connelly explains the role the new associate plays in the novel:

Q: In The Fifth Witness, Mickey says: "It doesn't matter if our clients are guilty or innocent. They all get the same bang for their buck." In the book, Mickey's new young associate questions this philosophy and Mickey has to educate her about the reality of criminal defense. Was this your way of explaining and supporting Mickey's work with your readers?

MC: I definitely set up the character of Jennifer Aronson as the conscience of the story. She is young and idealistic. Mickey has been down the road a long way and his idealism has been eroded with cynicism. Jennifer is there to remind him of the way things should be. In a way she is a device I use for Mickey to explain himself and his world.

The author will be interviewed in person at a Writers Bloc program on April 7 in Beverly Hills. Click here for more information on the event.