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In Memoriam: Southwestern Benefactor Harle Montgomery November 18, 2010
In Memoriam: Southwestern Benefactor Harle Montgomery

Harle G. Montgomery, a prominent journalist, philanthropist and major donor to several programs at Southwestern, passed away in October at the age of 92. Mrs. Montgomery and her late husband established the Kenneth and Harle Montgomery Foundation, which provides generous donations in support of political causes, social justice, education and the arts.

The Montgomery Foundation contributed $100,000 to help establish the Immigration Law Clinic at Southwestern, which began operating in 2009. The clinic provides legal representation to low income immigrant children and women in the community who are victims of abuse and violence. Clinic students represent clients in their cases from beginning to end while honing their administrative and advocacy skills and learning many facets of professional responsibility.  

Upon announcing the Foundation's contribution to the Immigration Law Clinic, Mrs. Montgomery had said, "We are delighted to play a role in helping Southwestern provide critically needed legal services in support of human rights while giving law students hands-on experience and encouraging their continuing commitment to public interest law."

In 2008, Southwestern was selected as the first law school in the nation to participate in the Kenneth and Harle Montgomery Fellowships, an international law fellowship offered by the John Hazard Institute of Hanover, New Hampshire, which provides young American lawyers with two or more years of cultural immersion and intensive law and language study in a country crucial to U.S. international interests, followed by a final year practicing international law or teaching comparative international law at the participating law school.

The Montgomery Foundation also established facilities, programs and academic chairs at some of the nation's most prominent institutions. Among them are the Kenneth and Harle Montgomery Professorship in Public Interest Law at Stanford Law School, the Thomas F. Geraghty Fund for Juvenile Justice at Northwestern Law School, and the Montgomery House at Dartmouth (for visiting scholars).

"Harle Montgomery was a remarkably energetic, committed and generous person," said Dean Bryant Garth. "We will miss her greatly."