Southwestern Law School Los Angeles, CA

News Release

May 06, 2010
SCALE Students Rewarded for Advocacy Skills

Southwestern's two-year SCALE® Program prepares students to "hit the ground running." During the program's recent Appellate Advocacy Competition, it was evident that these students can demonstrate their impressive lawyering skills within the first year. The Competition gives first-year students the opportunity to develop appellate brief writing and oral advocacy skills. All first-year SCALE students must participate in the first two rounds; the third round is optional, and the SCALE advocates argue the same problem as the students who participated in the traditional Moot Court Intramural Competition. Professor Christine Lorillard, who teaches Legal Analysis, Writing and Skills (LAWS), which helps students prepare for the competition, was very impressed with the way her students performed.

Professor Rolnick and Moot Court Board Members with Top Oralists and Writers

At the completion of the Spring 2010 competition, Chandler Parker won First Place Oralist and Marcus Lee earned Second Place Oralist. Honorable Mention in the Oralist category went to David Downing, Brianna Peden and Jenna Sleefe. For the writing portion, Jody Klipple won First Place and Brit Karp earned Second Place, while Honorable Mention went to Parker, Sleefe and Bryan Swaim.

"I think my previous experience of being professional actor for over 16 years is what best prepared me for this competition," Parker said. "Text analysis, voice control, thinking on your feet and overcoming nervousness are essential skills to have as an actor. These skills are also very useful in effective oral advocacy. That being said, without a strong understanding of substantive law underlying the problem, acting skills will get you nowhere."

"My fellow classmates in SCALE are consistently well prepared and dedicated. This dynamic is very challenging, so being named best oralist was a huge boost in my confidence and felt very rewarding. It also feels good to discover something within the practice of law that I truly enjoy doing."