Southwestern Law School Los Angeles, CA

News Release

April 15, 2010
First-Year Students Shine in Intramural Competitions

In the inaugural year of the new LAWS three-track program, first-year students demonstrated their appellate, negotiation or trial advocacy skills in an exciting series of intramural competitions. Following the two mandatory rounds culminating the Legal Analysis, Writing and Skills (LAWS) course, a total of 247 students out of 336 went on to participate in the Intramural rounds: 100 for Moot Court, 104 for Negotiation, and 43 for Trial Advocacy. The top oralists and writers from those respective competitions are eligible to interview for membership in the Moot Court, Negotiation and Trial Advocacy honors programs.

Moot Court's First Place Oralist Jennifer Seigle (right) and Second Place Oralist Anthony Martinez

In the Moot Court competition, Jennifer Seigle was named First Place Oralist and Anthony Martinez took Second Place Oralist. Kevin Sexton and Jessica Balady were Semifinalist Oralists, and Justin Brossier, Jessica King, Courtney Martin and Troy Mueller were Quarterfinalist Oralists. In the writing portion of the competition, Yosef Itkin won First Place Writer, while Natalie Rodriguez, Angie Hua and Iman Nabizadeh earned Second, Third and Fourth Place Writer honors. Jennifer Seigle was also named Best Overall Oralist.

Negotiation's First Place Advocates Garrett Charity and Ilyssa Adler (right) with Second Place Advocates Gayane Zorabian and Garen Boyadzhyan

In the Negotiation competition, where students argued in pairs, Ilyssa Adler and Garrett Charity won First Place Advocates and Garen Boyadzhyan and Gayane Zorabian earned Second Place Advocates. Steven Bercovitch, Aryan Sarbaz, Aaron Abergel and Andrew Sommers were Semifinalist Advocates. Jason Benkner was recognized for Best Brief and Lisa Li took Second Place Brief.

Trial Advocacy's First Place Advocate Michael Bauer (second from left) and Second Place Advocate Kunal Jain (second from right) with the final round judges

Of the Trial Advocacy Finalists, Michael Bauer won Best Advocate and Kunal Jain won Second Place Advocate. The two other finalists were Nestor Lopez and John Twomey. Carlos Arias, Anet Badali, Carlos Perez and Enrique Rodriguez were quarterfinalists. In the writing portion of the competition, Sarah Braun won First Place Brief and Enrique Rodriguez earned Second Place Brief.
Southwestern's ground-breaking three-track LAWS program is believed to be the first of its kind in the nation, providing first-year students the opportunity to choose from three areas of focus: appellate advocacy, negotiation and trial advocacy.

More details and photos forthcoming.