Southwestern Law School Los Angeles, CA

News Release

May 12, 2009
Students Demonstration Negotiation Skills in New Intramural Competition

More than 100 students participated in Southwestern's first Negotiation Intramural Competition. From the 110 students in two-person teams, Renee Dubie and Natalie Weatherford earned First Place Honors. Franklin (Brent) Tilley and Christianne Amodio took Second Place, Shai Phillips and Sholom Goodman came in Third Place, and Nathan Harpham and Christina Worms finished in Fourth Place. The Intramural Competition leads into Southwestern's new Negotiation Honors Program.

Prior to each round, teams received a common set of general facts known to both parties, as well as confidential client instructions. The students were evaluated on their ability to achieve the goals set out by their client, their aptitude to advocate for their client's interest in an articulate manner, and their skill in cooperative problem solving. After the first night, the top 18 teams advanced to the second round. Then the top eight teams advanced to the next round and the best four teams competed in the final round. After negotiating the terms of a construction contract, the final teams were ranked from First to Fourth Place. 

The intramural competition was coordinated by faculty advisors Professors Nyree Gray and Cristina Knolton, who developed the new Negotiation Honors Program. Throughout the competition, several faculty members and local attorneys volunteered their expertise to judge each night. This included: Professor Ron Aronovsky, Professor Laura Cohen, Professor Michael Frost, Professor Anahid Gharakhanian, Professor Karin Graver, Professor Isabelle Gunning, Vice Dean Austen Parrish, Assistant Dean Pat Pyle, Professor Michael Scott, Professor Karen Smith, Professor Tracy Turner, Professor Dov Waisman and Professor Tara Walters.

"The school's first Negotiation Honors Program Intramural Competition was a tremendous success," Vice Dean Parrish said. "Professors Gray and Knolton put in long hours to ensure the intramurals went off smoothly. The final rounds were impressive." Based on their performance in the competition, approximately 30 participants will be invited to interview for the 2009-2010 Negotiation Honors Program.