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Upcoming Conference to Focus on Reforming Copyright February 09, 2009
Upcoming Conference to Focus on Reforming Copyright

The digital age has rendered obsolete many aspects of the 1976 Copyright Act. Congressional response to technological innovations has been piecemeal amendment of the 1976 Act, resulting in a huge statute that, some argue, lacks any conceptual coherence. Numerous scholars called for substantial revision of the 1976 Act, but typically, these requests focus on particular policy proposals rather than the overall structure of a revised act and the process by which such a revision could be realized.

On March 6, Southwestern's Biederman Institute will present Reforming Copyright: Process, Policy and Politics, a day-long symposium focusing on the distinctive issues and challenges of significantly reforming the Copyright Act of 1976. The conference will gather leading scholars, practitioners and policy makers from around the country who will focus on this issue from a variety of perspectives, considering the question of wholesale versus incremental reform; how to envision the architecture of a Copyright Act attuned to the distinctive expressive media of the digital age; and the politics and procedural roadblocks that stand in the way of reform and possible strategies for navigating those roadblocks. To learn more about the symposium, which is free for Southwestern students and faculty (registration still required), or to register, click here.