Southwestern Law School Los Angeles, CA

News Release

August 20, 2008
Journal of Legal Education Comes to Southwestern

The Association of American Law Schools (AALS) Journal of Legal Education (JLE) will soon be based out of Southwestern when the editorial reins are handed off in January 2009. Now in its sixth decade, the highly respected AALS quarterly publication has a readership of over 10,000 law teachers throughout the United States and thousands more outside of the United States. Its primary purpose is "to foster a rich interchange of ideas and information about legal education and related matters," with articles touching on legal pedagogy and curriculum development, the legal profession, legal theory, and legal scholarship.

For the past five years, the JLE has been edited by Georgetown University Law Center in Washington, D.C. under the direction of co-editors Professor Carrie Menkel-Meadow and Professor Mark Tushnet (now of Harvard Law School). At Southwestern, Dean Bryant Garth and Professor Angela Riley will serve as co-editors. An Advisory Committee of 12 faculty members from around the country provide general policy guidance. Prior to Georgetown, the Journal was most recently edited at Vanderbilt University and Case Western Reserve University.

Professor Menkel-Meadow said, "I am so happy to be 'handing over' the JLE to a scholar and dean of such depth and knowledge about legal education. Southwestern will make a good home for this important journal. And, I can help with the transition!" She will be a Visiting Professor at Southwestern in the Spring of 2009, which will help facilitate the move from Georgetown to Southwestern.

"Southwestern is a national leader in curricular innovation and cutting-edge scholarship, which makes it a perfect match for the Journal of Legal Education," Dean Garth said. "We are honored to be selected to host the Journal which has served as an important medium for the exchange of ideas among legal educators for over half a century." The author, co-author or co-editor of 16 books and nearly 100 articles on the legal profession, dispute resolution, globalization and the rule of law, Dean Garth is also chair of the Advisory Committee of the Law School Survey of Student Engagement project and on the Executive Coordinating Committee of the pioneering "After the J.D." study of lawyer careers. He is a graduate of Stanford Law School where he served as editor-in-chief of the Stanford Journal of International Studies.

Professor Riley indicated, "We look forward to showcasing the perspectives of both junior and senior faculty from a wide range of disciplines." A judge of the Citizen Potawatomi Nation, she has focused her own recent research and scholarship on protection of Native American intellectual and cultural property. Her articles and chapters have been published in a number of major law reviews including Yale Law Journal, Columbia Law Review and California Law Review as well as a leading treatise on Intellectual Property. She is a graduate of Harvard Law School.

Dr. Molly Selvin will serve as the associate editor of the JLE when she joins the Southwestern staff in January 2009. Currently the Interim Dean of the Pardee RAND Graduate School, Dr. Selvin was an editorial writer and news reporter for the Los Angeles Times from 1990 to 2008. She is also a 25-year veteran of the RAND graduate school faculty, where she teaches courses on public policy, and served for ten years as a researcher with RAND's Institute for Civil Justice. She earned a Ph.D. in American Legal History at the University of California, San Diego, was the recipient of both Fulbright and Volcker (RAND) fellowships, and was a Visiting Scholar at Harvard Law School.

Information regarding the Journal's policies on submissions, reprints and subscriptions is currently available at Inquiries related to Journal activities at Southwestern may be directed to the Dean's Office.