Southwestern Law School Los Angeles, CA

News Release

April 10, 2008
Professors Hart, Kim and Cohen Receive 2008 Excellence in Teaching Awards

Southwestern Law School is pleased to announce that Professors Danielle Kie Hart, Janine Young Kim and Laura Dym Cohen have been selected to receive the law school's 2008 Excellence in Teaching Awards.

Professor Hart, who has taught at Southwestern since 1999, was selected for her work as a First-Year Professor.* She teaches Contracts, Law and Sexual Orientation Seminar, Sales, Secured Transactions and courses in the two-year SCALE® program. She is also a faculty advisor to the Southwestern University Law Review. Students praised her for developing an "excellent method for helping students adjust to the demands of law school classes." Voters' comments also lauded the way Professor Hart "analyzes each doctrine in depth and then steps back to present ‘the big picture,' showing students how it relates to other relevant doctrines and the subject matter as a whole."


Professor Kim
, who was given the award for Upper Division Professor, has been teaching at Southwestern for two years. Students said that she "knows how to explain complex legal concepts to ensure students learn the material." Professor Kim teaches Constitutional Criminal Procedure, Race and the Law Seminar and Torts. Students also commented that she "is accessible to students and her passion for teaching allows us to feel comfortable in approaching her with questions. She is definitely a true example of what it means to be in the legal field - an advocate for others."


Professor Cohen
spearheads the Street Law program at Southwestern and has worked at the Los Angeles County Children's Court, helping abused and neglected children and their families, and represented children, parents and other family members in dependency court hearings. She has been honored for her work as an Adjunct Professor and was recently named as Director of the Street Law Program at Southwestern. Those who voted for her said that her dedication "reminds many law students of the importance of service in our communities. By giving law students a structured plan we are able to not only teach high school students the law, but we are also better able to understand the law ourselves." She was also praised for "inspiring passion and enthusiasm both from the students in her classroom, as well as the people in the community whose lives we touch."


Southwestern Dean Bryant Garth said, "It is gratifying to see these honors going to professors who embody the kind of commitment to teaching excellence and student support that we so highly value."

Established in 1997, the Excellence in Teaching Awards are designed to reinforce Southwestern's belief that the day-to-day teaching of students is of primary importance. The recipients are recognized by the student body through a unique nomination and selection process, in which members of the Southwestern Community submit names for the First-Year, Upper Division and Adjunct categories. The top nominees are chosen by the Student Bar Association (SBA) Board, and then students vote for each of the winners.

* First-Year Professor denotes one who teaches first-year (or 1L) students.