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Technology Prompts Shifts in Media Law: Leading Industry Attorneys and Executives Discuss Digital "Revolution" January 02, 2007
Technology Prompts Shifts in Media Law: Leading Industry Attorneys and Executives Discuss Digital "Revolution"

The music business has moved from CDs to online. A significant share of theatrical revenues is now derived from the sale of DVDs. First run television series are increasingly available for viewing on portable digital devices. Individual participation in debate and discussion has taken on new meaning with the proliferation of the blogosphere. While the business implications of all this are staggering, so too are the legal challenges presented by the advent of the digital age. On January 25, these issues will be the subject of Revolution: Legal Challenges of Integrating Traditional Media and Entertainment into a Digital Environment at Southwestern.

This timely event on subjects that are indispensable to any media or entertainment lawyer's practice is the fourth annual conference presented by both Southwestern's Donald E. Biederman Entertainment and Media Law Institute and the Media Law Resource Center (MLRC). Revolution will explore topics such as media distribution, intellectual property rights and the way the blogosphere democratizes information while raising questions about clearance and jurisdiction.

"Entertainment distribution devices also are beginning to undermine primary revenue source - advertising - as they also allow viewers to avoid most commercials. The availability of perfect digital copies and seamless distribution methods also enable pirates, threatening other revenue streams," said David Kohler, Professor of Law at Southwestern and Director of the Biederman Institute. "On the other hand, new means of distribution also create new revenue opportunities. All of this brings with it legal challenges arising from copyright law and other doctrines that affect content."

The distinguished list of presenters includes: Southwestern Professor Lon Sobel; Jonathan Barzilay, Senior Vice President, Entertainment, CBS Interactive Media; Mark Friedlander, Business Representative-Theatrical Contracts, Screen Actors Guild; Joshua S. Wattles, Of Counsel, Dreier LLP; Schuyler M. Moore, Partner, Stroock & Stroock & Lavan LLP; Dean S. Marks, Senior Vice President, Intellectual Property, Corporate Business Development & Strategy, Warner Bros. Entertainment, Inc.; Fred Von Lohman, Senior Intellectual Property Attorney, Electronic Frontier Foundation; Ron Wheeler, Senior Vice President, Content Protection, Fox Group Legal Department; Timothy L. Alger, Partner, Quinn Emanuel Urquhart Oliver & Hedges LLP; Teri Cianciola, Corporate Attorney, Microsoft Corporation; Mickey Kaus,; Roger R. Myers, Partner, Holme Roberts & Owen LLP; Matt Polesetsky, Vice President, Business and Legal Affairs, MySpace, Inc.; and Julie K. Xanders, General Counsel, Los Angeles Times Communications LLC.

Early registration for the event (before Jan. 15) is $100; after that, it is $125. Student registration is $25. The conference brochure and registration form can be found online. Questions may be directed to Southwestern's Biederman Institute.

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