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News Release

May 16, 2005
Law & Technology Experts to Bust Open the Root Causes and Remedies of Large-Scale IT Systems and Project Failures

In an era where project failures are rampant, huge and crippling, few conferences are as focused on large-scale IT systems, as is the 2005 International Information Technology (IT) Law Conference presented at Southwestern Law School on June 9-10, 2005, in the art deco landmark Bullocks Wilshire Building in Los Angeles.

Contract attorneys, litigators, judges, general counsel, corporate executives, consultants, expert witnesses and customers are all facing the mayhem and fall-out from failing and failed large-scale systems and projects in their businesses, in the boardroom and in the courtroom. Recent headlines have reported the problems that continue to face the FBI’s Terror and Crime System project and their $170 million anti-terrorism system, which may need to be rebuilt from scratch due to inadequate and outdated technology; the November 2004 crash of the core systems of the UK’s Department of Works and Pensions, part of a $3.8 billion information contract, leaving 80,000 civil servants unable to service the state benefits of 24 million UK citizens; and the $5 billion FoxMeyer pharmaceutical company brought to their knees when its new ERP system lost customer orders or issued orders for the wrong products, and could not handle the transaction load, among other problems.
Panels at the conference will feature such diverse topics as The 10 Most Important Ways to Manage IT Transaction Risk From Procurement to Outsourcing; IT Contracts Using Radical Approaches to Foster Successful Outcomes; and Computer Disasters – Lessons Learned in Getting the Facts Before the Court – An Experts' Panel. Other cutting-edge legal and business topics include: outsourcing; open source; Sarbanes-Oxley; privacy and security issues; and breaking IT legal issues. To cap it all off, the sessions will move from panels to practice with three, one-hour mock trial sessions in the school’s new state-of-the-art Julian C. Dixon Courtroom and Advocacy Center, with nationally known litigators and experts squaring off for a no-holds-barred, simulated trial of a complex IT dispute.

The event will equip participants with the tested and practical strategies, tactics, and methods used by experienced practitioners throughout the country. The knowledge and expertise obtained in the sessions will give participants a competitive edge and the ability to raise the value, protection, and profits of clients to a new level, relying upon newly found colleagues, information, tools and techniques. CLE credit will be offered and space is limited to 200 attendees.

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