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Summer Law Institute in Guanajuato Celebrates 25 Years July 15, 2014
Summer Law Institute in Guanajuato Celebrates 25 Years

The Summer Law Institute in Guanajuato, Mexico - a consortium of the law schools compromised of Southwestern, University of Guanajuato, University of New Mexico and Texas Tech University - marked its 25th anniversary in June 2014.

According to Professor Beth Caldwell, who taught at the Summer Law Institute this summer, the program provides a tremendous experience for students and faculty alike. "It was a wonderful teaching experience for me - I had students from seven different law schools, which made for very rich discussions," she said. "Teaching about a topic with such geographic relevance also made the course content come alive for the students."

She indicated as an example, a class discussion on issues regarding migrants from Central America and their treatment in Mexico. She said, "A few days later, some of my students met some migrants traveling through Mexico from Honduras; they spoke with them and learned more about why they were leaving and how they were treated in Mexico. This personal interaction reinforced the course content and added more depth to the students' understanding of the issues."

Professor Lutz delivering his remarks at the celebration