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Southwestern's Biederman Blog Selected for ABA Journal's 7th Annual Blawg 100 December 13, 2013
Southwestern's Biederman Blog Selected for ABA Journal's 7th Annual Blawg 100

In an overcrowded blogosphere, Southwestern's Biederman Blog has distinguished itself as one of the most creative and informative for those seeking information about entertainment law and news. The hard work of its contributors has been recognized in the ABA Journal's 7th Annual Blawg 100, a compilation of the best legal blogs. In praising the Biederman Blog, the ABA Journal states, "Students at Southwestern Law School's Biederman Entertainment and Media Law Institute analyze recent copyright cases in the worlds of mass media, fine art and fashion - usually with an eye toward emerging issues in copyright law."

Members of the Southwestern community are encouraged to visit the ABA Journal's website to cast their vote for the Biederman Blog to take the top spot in the IP category. This online poll will be open until the close of business on December 20.

The Biederman Blog is created and maintained by students in the Entertainment Law Blog course under the guidance of Adjunct Professor Craig Matsuda and Professor Michael Scott. Participants in the two-unit course research, write, edit and post articles for the content aggregation website focused on daily developments in entertainment law.

Professor Scott said, "The success of the Biederman Blog wouldn't have been possible without the extraordinary work of Adjunct Professor Craig Matsuda, who has spearheaded this effort for the last three years, and an extraordinary group of student editors who have provided top-notch research and writing for the blog."

Students interested in learning more about the Entertainment Law Blog course or the prerequisite Entertainment Law and Web 2.0 (mini-term course) are encouraged to contact Professors Scott or Matsuda.