Southwestern Law School Los Angeles, CA

Media Guide

The members of Southwestern's faculty have outstanding academic credentials and rich backgrounds in both law practice and teaching. They include many nationally recognized legal experts and are highly regarded for their publications, scholarly research, and involvement in the legal community.

As indicated in this Media Guide, Southwestern faculty members are available to comment on a wide range of legal issues in the news. The Guide is arranged alphabetically by topic with links to the profiles and contact information for the appropriate professors.

For information on topics not listed below or for additional assistance, please contact the Public Affairs Office.


Abortion: Katherine Sheehan, Joerg Knipprath

Addiction Effects on the Legal Profession: Robert Pugsley

Administrative Law: Robert Lutz, Butler Shaffer

Affirmative ActionGowri Ramachandran

AIDS-HIV Issues: Ryan Abbott, John Heilman, J. Kelly Strader

Airlines Legal Issues: Christopher Cameron

Alternative Dispute Resolution/Mediation:
Isabelle Gunning (multicultural), Robert Lutz (international)

Animal Law: David Fagundes

Antitrust Law: Warren Grimes

Arbitration: Robert Lutz (international)

Argentine Politics: Silvia Faerman, Jonathan Miller

Art Law: Robert Lind, Judy Sloan (auctions)

Assisted Suicide: Ryan Abbott, Joerg Knipprath (constitutional issues), Robert Pugsley

Assumption of Risk: Alan Calnan, Steven G. KroneByron Stier

Balanced Budget Amendment: Warren Grimes

Bankruptcy: Judy Sloan, Christopher Cameron

Battered Person Syndrome Defense:
Robert Pugsley

Bioethics: Ryan Abbott, Herbert Krimmel

Business Law: Michael Dorff, Steven G. KroneAusten Parrish, Judy Sloan, J. Kelly Strader (litigation)

Cameras in the Courtroom: Norman Garland, Robert Pugsley

Canadian Constitutional Law: Leigh Taylor

Children, Legal Issues Affecting: Laura Cohen, Jenny R. Fee, Austen Parrish, Gowri Ramachandran (student rights), Julie Waterstone

Church-State RelationsJoerg Knipprath

Cigarette/Tobacco Litigation Issues:
Alan Calnan, Byron Stier

Civil Duty to Rescue: Alan Calnan

Civil Procedure: Debra Lyn Bassett, Robert Lutz (international), Austen ParrishKatherine Sheehan

Civil Rights: John Tehranian

Civil Rights/Hate Crimes: Christopher Cameron, John Heilman, James Kushner

Class Action Lawsuits/Mass Torts: Debra Lyn BassettAlan CalnanByron Stier

Client Counseling: Norman Garland

Climate Change: James Kushner

Clinical Education/Practical Lawyering Skills:
Jenny R. Fee

Comparative Law: Mark Cammack, Silvia Faerman

Complementary and Alternative Medicine: Ryan Abbott

Complex Litigation: Katherine Sheehan, Byron Stier

Community Property: John Heilman

Computer Crimes: Michael D. Scott

Computer Law: Robert Lind, Michael D. Scott, John Tehranian

Computer Security: Michael D. Scott

Confirmation Hearings, Judicial: Warren Grimes

Conflict of Laws: Robert Lutz (international)

Constitutional Law: Joerg KnipprathJonathan Miller, Gowri Ramachandran, John Tehranian

Construction Law and Contracts: Vivien Montz

Consumer Protection: Warren Grimes

Contracts: Michael Dorff, Hila Keren (American and comparative), Steven G. Krone, Robert Lutz (international), Judy Sloan

Copyrights, Patents & Trademarks: Ryan Abbott, Silvia Faerman, David FagundesSteven G. Krone, Robert Lind, Michael D. Scott, John Tehranian

Corporations: Michael Dorff, Joerg Knipprath

Corporate Governance: Michael Dorff

Courts: Christopher CameronSteven G. Krone (U.S. Supreme Court), Judy Sloan (U.S. Supreme Court), Debra Lyn Bassett

Criminal Law and Procedure: Mark Cammack, Catherine Carpenter, Norman Garland, John Heilman, Robert Lutz (international), Robert Pugsley, J. Kelly Strader

Critical Race Theory: Hila Keren

Cyber Law: John Tehranian

Death Penalty: Isabelle Gunning, Joerg Knipprath, Robert Pugsley

Deconstruction: Katherine Sheehan

Defamation & Privacy (see also Libel & Slander): Steven G. Krone, Robert Lind

Disability Rights Law: Jenny R. Fee

Discrimination: Christopher Cameron, Isabelle Gunning (employment), James Kushner, Gowri Ramachandran

Discrimination in the Market: Hila Keren

Domain Names: Ryan Abbott, Michael D. Scott

Drug Policy: Ryan Abbott

Drug Testing: Ryan Abbott, Christopher Cameron

E-Commerce/Electronic Commerce: Michael D. Scott

Education Law: Jenny R. Fee, Julie Waterstone

Election Disputes: James Fischer

Eminent Domain: David Fagundes, James Kushner

Emotional Distress Damages: Alan Calnan

Employment Law: Christopher Cameron, Gowri Ramachandran

Entertainment Guilds: Steven G. Krone 

Entertainment Law: Jay Gendron, Steven G. Krone, Robert Lind, John Tehranian

Environmental LawRobert Lutz, Austen Parrish (international)

Estate/Gift Planning & Taxation: Michael Berger, Ira Shafiroff

Ethics & Professional Responsibility: Debra Lyn Bassett, James Fischer, Robert Lutz (international), Robert Pugsley, Ira Shafiroff (Judeo-Christian)

European Economic Community: Robert Lutz

Evidence: Mark Cammack, Norman Garland

Executive Privilege: Joerg Knipprath

Fair Housing: James Kushner

Family Law: Herbert Krimmel (surrogate parenting), Austen Parrish (foster care, governmental liability), Judy Sloan (as intersects bankruptcy)

Federal Budget Issues: Warren Grimes

Federal CourtsDebra Lyn Bassett, Christopher CameronJonathan Miller, Katherine Sheehan, Gowri Ramachandran

Feminist Analysis of Law: Hila Keren

Film Portrayals of Lawyers and the Law: Steven G. Krone

First Amendment: Joerg KnipprathSteven G. Krone, Robert Lind, Robert Pugsley, John Tehranian

Gay & Lesbian Issues: John Heilman, Gowri Ramachandran, J. Kelly Strader

Gender Bias Issues: Joerg Knipprath, Gowri Ramachandran, Judy Sloan

Globalization of Law: Robert Lutz

Government (See Separation of Powers)

Grand Juries: Robert Pugsley

Hands-on Legal Education: Jenny R. Fee, Anahid Gharakhanian, Julie Waterstone

Hate Crimes: John Heilman, Joerg Knipprath, Robert Pugsley

Health Law/Public Health: Ryan Abbott

Hostile Takeovers:Michael Dorff, Warren Grimes

Housing and Community Development:
James Kushner

Human Rights: Mark Cammack, Isabelle Gunning, Robert Lutz, Jonathan Miller

Ideological Influences on the Law: Joerg Knipprath, Robert Pugsley, Butler Shaffer, Katherine Sheehan

ImmigrationChristopher Cameron (Latinos, Employment), Isabelle Gunning (refugee issues), Andrea Ramos

Impeachment of Federal Judges: Warren Grimes, Joerg Knipprath

Independent Prosecutors/Counsel: Warren Grimes, Joerg Knipprath

Indian Law: William Wood

Insanity, Legal Definition of: Robert Pugsley

Insurance Law: James Fischer

Intellectual Property: Ryan Abbott, Silvia Faerman, David Fagundes, Jay GendronSteven G. Krone, Robert Lind, Michael D. Scott, John Tehranian

International & Comparative Intellectual Property: Ryan Abbott, Silvia Faerman

International Criminal Law: Robert Lutz

International Law: Silvia Faerman, Robert Lutz, Jonathan Miller, Austen Parrish

International Practice: Robert Lutz

International Trade Law: Robert Lutz

International Trade & Investment: Robert Lutz

Internet Legal Issues: Michael Epstein, Robert Lind, Michael D. Scott, John Tehranian

Islamic Law: Mark Cammack

Journalism: Molly Selvin

Judicial Decision-Making: Steven G. Krone, Katherine Sheehan

Judicial Opinion Writing: Paul BatemanMichael Frost, Steven G. Krone

Juries: Mark Cammack (diversity of), Norman Garland

Juvenile Delinquency (See Minor's Rights)

Juvenile Dependency: Laura Cohen, Jenny R. Fee, Julie Waterstone

Labor Law: Christopher Cameron (employment issues), Steven G. Krone (Entertainment Guilds)

Land Use Planning & Control: James Kushner, Butler Shaffer (private property movements)

Latin American Legal Issues: Silvia Faerman, Jonathan Miller

Law and the Emotions: Hila Keren

Law Firms: Robert Lutz

Law School Accreditation: Catherine Carpenter, Linda Whisman, Leigh Taylor

Local Government: John Heilman

Legal Education: Paul Bateman (equal access & opportunity to), Anahid Gharakhanian (externships), Robert Lutz, Leigh Taylor, Julie Waterstone (clinical legal education)

Legal Externships: Anahid Gharakhanian

Legal History: Molly Selvin

Legal Profession: Debra Lyn Bassett

Legal Research: Linda Whisman

Legal Theory: Gowri Ramachandran

Legal (Political) System: Joerg Knipprath,
Butler Shaffer

Legal Theory (Postmodern): Gowri Ramachandran, Katherine Sheehan

Legal Writing: Paul Bateman, Michael Frost, Anahid Gharakhanian, Karin Graver, Vivien Montz, Austen Parrish, Kemba Taylor, Tracy Turner, Dov Waisman, Tara Walters, Dennis Yokoyama

Libel & Slander (see also Defamation & Privacy): Steven G. Krone, Robert Lind

Litigation, Complex: Katherine Sheehan, Byron Stier

Living Wills: Michael Berger

Marijuana, Medical Usage of: Robert Pugsley, Herbert Krimmel

Mass Communications Law: Robert Lind, Robert Pugsley (free press versus fair trial)

Mass Torts: Alan Calnan, Robert Lutz, Katherine Sheehan, Byron Stier

Mergers & Acquisitions: Michael Dorff, Warren Grimes

Minors' Rights: Laura Cohen, Jenny R. Fee, Andrea Ramos, Julie Waterstone

Museum Law: Robert Lind, John Tehranian

NAFTA: Robert Lutz

National Security: Robert Lutz

Negotiation: Jay Gendron

Obstruction of Justice: J. Kelly Strader

Partnerships: Michael Dorff

Perjury: Kelly Strader

Pharmaceutical Regulation: Ryan Abbott

Politically Correct Speech: Joerg Knipprath, Robert Pugsley, Butler Shaffer

Policy: Molly Selvin

Practical Legal Education: Anahid Gharakhanian

Privacy, Right of: Robert Lind, Michael D. Scott

Privatization of Government Programs:
Butler Shaffer

Probate: Michael Berger

Premises Liability: Alan Calnan

Products Liability: Alan Calnan, Robert Lutz, Byron Stier

Property Law: David Fagundes

Race Relations: Isabelle Gunning, Gowri Ramachandran, John Tehranian

Reapportionment/Redistricting: Joerg Knipprath (constitutional issues)

Refugee Issues: Isabelle Gunning

Regulatory Law: Warren Grimes

Religion & LawHerbert Krimmel, Ira Shafiroff

RICO: J. Kelly Strader

School Discipline Law: Jenny R. Fee, Julie Waterstone

Secession Movements: Butler Shaffer

Securities: Michael Dorff, Joerg Knipprath, J. Kelly Strader

Security and the Courts: Norman Garland

Self-Ownership/Determination: Butler Shaffer

Sentencing, Criminal: Robert Pugsley

Sentencing Guidelines
(See Federal Sentencing Guidelines)

Separation of Powers: Joerg Knipprath

Sexual Harassment: Christopher Cameron, Gowri Ramachandran, Judy Sloan

Social Conflict: Butler Shaffer

Special Education Law: Jenny R. Fee, Julie Waterstone

Sports Law: Christopher Cameron

Structured Finance: Steven G. Krone

Suicide, Assisted: Joerg Knipprath (constitutional issues), Robert Pugsley

Supreme Court: Joerg KnipprathSteven G. Krone, Judy Sloan

Surrogate Parents: Herbert Krimmel

Tax Law: Ira Shafiroff, William Wood

Term Limits: Joerg Knipprath

Theory, Legal (Postmodern): Gowri Ramachandran, Katherine Sheehan

Tobacco Litigation
(See Cigarette and Tobacco Litigation Issues)

Torts: Ryan Abbott, Alan Calnan, Steven G. Krone, Byron Stier

Tort Theory: Ryan Abbott, Alan Calnan

Trademarks: Ryan Abbott, Silvia Faerman, Steven G. KroneRobert Lind, Michael D. Scott, John Tehranian

Trade Regulations: Warren Grimes

Traditional Knowledge and Genetic Resources: Ryan Abbott

Transnational Litigation and Arbitration:
Robert Lutz

Transportation Planning: James Kushner

Trial Techniques: Norman Garland

Unfair Competition: Warren Grimes, Robert Lind

Unjust Enrichment: Joerg Knipprath, Steven G. Krone, Judy Sloan

Vancouver 2010 Olympic Issues: Leigh Taylor

White Collar Crime: Robert Lutz, J. Kelly Strader

Wills & Trusts: Michael Berger

Witnesses: Norman Garland

Women's Issues: Isabelle Gunning, Gowri Ramachandran, Katherine Sheehan, Judy Sloan