Trina Grillo Retreat

Society of American Law Teacher - LogoThe Society of American Law Teachers (SALT) established the Trina Grillo Public Interest and Social Justice Law Retreat to honor the memory of Trina Grillo (1948-1996), a former professor at USF School of Law and Santa Clara Law School who was a dedicated social activist and justice advocate. Each spring a consortium of law schools, including Southwestern, plan the retreat for practitioners, students, and academics to join together and discuss today's challenges to social justice lawyering. The retreat embodies the aspirations of Trina's work against injustice, in its many forms, and toward diversity and equality.

The Trina Grillo Retreat - What is it and why should I attend?

  • The Retreat provides a unique opportunity for public interest and social justice-oriented law students, faculty, staff and practitioners to exchange viewpoints, explore career opportunities and formulate strategies for social justice.
  • The Retreat offers public-interest minded law school students an opportunity to break the isolation by meeting and networking with other students from around the west coast.
  • The Retreat not only provides students with a network while in school, but also provides the foundation for a professional network to support their public interest ambitions as their careers develop.
  • The Retreat can spawn creative ways to approach social change using the law as an instrument.

"After attending the retreat, I realized that I could turn my “cause” into a career. I learned about the different areas that lawyers can effect change, as well as the different routes to pursue to help the causes now instead of waiting. The retreat was very fulfilling, inspiring, but most importantly reassuring that good work can be done without it costing your happiness!"

- Heather Nicholson '17

For questions about participating in an upcoming retreat, please contact Professor Laura Cohen at