Southwestern Law School Los Angeles, CA

News Release

February 15, 2013
January 2013 Student Housing Construction Update

Drying In and Roughing In

Contractors worked overtime to work around rains, as roof membranes, pads and other elements received waterproofing treatment. Interior work progressed with rough-in dry walling, insulation, fire sprinklers, lighting, electrical, plumbing and HVAC. Window units and glazing begin to be installed on interior courtyard units.


January 1, 2013: Site overview on New Year's Day shows roof and Pearl structures still underway.


January 9, 2013: Waterproofing details are meticulously engineered and inspected, with extra time taken this month to test and re-evaluate best practices.

Pearl Lounge

January 9, 2013: View of progress on the "Pearl" lounge, deck and study rooms.


January 9, 2013: Ceilings and interior walls begin to be rough-dry-walled in.

Framing Structures

January 9, 2013: Worker balances on beam, assembling the final complex intersection of steel and wood-frame structures over the study rooms and sundeck.

Discussion on the Sundeck

January 9, 2013: Matt Construction senior management, Jim Muenzer, and Project Engineer Sean Jordan discuss the project on the sundeck.

Discussion on the roof

January 9, 2013: Chief Operating Officer Janice Manis and Chief Financial Officer Paul Kalush stand atop roof discussing progress of final dry-in with Assistant Project Manager Bowdy Broeker.

Duct installation

January 9, 2013: Heating, ventilation and air-conditioning ducting is installed in the building.

Store-front windows

January 9, 2013: Aluminum framed "store-front" windows and doorways are beginning to be installed in all units.

Final framing

January 9, 2013: Steel and wood seems to alternate in patterns as the final framing is completed over the Pearl.


January 16, 2013: Windows begin to appear in the units facing the courtyard to the west. The large floor-to-ceiling store-front style window units allow maximum light into and views from the units.

Roof Paraphet

January 16, 2013: Roof parapet which will partially cover sundeck nears completion. North elevator shaft appears behind.

Ceiling frames

January 23, 2013: Ceiling frames begin to be installed.


January 23, 2013: Insulation is installed throughout the building during January.

Exterior Stucco

January 23, 2013: The paper, plaster stops and lath begin to be installed on the exterior to support the exterior stucco.

Unit details

January 30, 2013: Ceiling framing, rough dry-walling, insulation, fire sprinklers, electrical and plumbing come together in the units.

Ceiling details

January 30, 2013: Detail shows lighting, fire sprinkler and air conditioning ducting in place as ceilings and walls begin to be dry walled in.


January 30, 2013: Double drywall ceilings, extra insulation and other techniques more commonly associated with condominiums are being used to make units sound insulated.


January 30, 2013: Even the outlets have special soundproofing, so as to minimize sound conduction.

Curved corner unit

January 30, 2013: Curved corner two-bedroom unit is ready for window installation and drywall, to come next month.

Conduit to study rooms

January 30, 2013: Conduit to study rooms and Pearl awaits completion.


January 31, 2013: Site overview shows progress on roof and completion of connector between steel elements of Pearl and wood-frame elements of the units. Glass is lined up along wall for installation in unit windows.