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May 2012 Student Housing Construction Update June 04, 2012
May 2012 Student Housing Construction Update

You may have noticed large cranes, hundreds of cement trucks and a flurry of activity coming from our construction site this past month. As a result, we are now able to clearly see the footprint of the new student housing complex and the many elements that go into creating the foundation.

With the completion of site preparation, excavation and shoring work, building foundation construction commenced with site and elevator pit waterproofing followed by steel rebar installation, concrete slab pours, and construction of parking structure columns, walls and mechanical and storage rooms.

Construction Update - Waterproofing

May 16: Waterproofing of slab completed and steel rebar installation begins.


Construction Update - Rebar Installation Complete

May 22: Rebar installation completed. Site now ready for foundation and lower parking level concrete pour.


Construction Update - Concrete Delivery

May 23: 120 trucks deliver 1,200 cubic yards of concrete and arrive on a schedule of one truck every six minutes.

Construction Update - Phase 1 Complete


May 23: Phase 1 concrete pour completed in southwest corner.


Construction Update - Parking Deck Column


May 30: Parking deck column constructed in lower level parking garage.


Construction Update - Parking Garage Support Walls

May 30: Parking garage support walls constructed.


Construction Update - Concrete Pour


May 31: Close-up of southeast lower level parking deck phase 2 concrete pour. Two hundred trucks delivered over 2,000 cubic yards of concrete.


Construction Update - Concrete Pour Close-up

May 31: Close-up of concrete pour.


Construction Update - Concrete Pour Completed

May 31: Concrete pour completed in lower level parking deck and foundation.

Coming up in June:
Completion of foundation and lower level parking area. Upper level parking area construction begins.