Additional Requirements for SCALE and Concurrent-Degree Programs

SCALE J.D. Applicants

An interview is required for candidates to the two-year SCALE J.D. program. This meeting helps to identify those candidates who would most likely be successful in the program and provides each applicant with an opportunity to learn more precisely what is expected of SCALE participants. If the applicant resides outside of the Southern California area, arrangements can be made for a telephone interview.

Note: SCALE interview appointments for J.D. applicants are initiated by the law school.

Additional Requirements for Concurrent-Degree Program Applicants (Includes SCALE J.D./M.B.A)

To apply for admission to the concurrent-degree programs offered in conjunction with The Drucker Graduate School of Management, applicants who are not currently enrolled at either Southwestern or Drucker should fill out an application specific to the concurrent-degree program and submit the required materials for Southwestern's J.D. Program.

Applicants must also schedule an interview at Southwestern by sending a request to and submit the following:

  • Official GMAT Test Score(s):
    • The GMAT is not required for applicants who score 155 and above on the LSAT or for E.M.B.A. applicants. GMAT scores are valid up to five years from the test date. For more information, visit
  • Letter(s) of Recommendation:
    • Include at least one letter of recommendation explicitly addressing the candidate's business experience and suitability for the J.D./M.B.A. program
  • Personal Statement:
    • The applicant's personal statement should address why the applicant is seeking a concurrent-degree
  • Two Essay Questions
    • Question 1: Written Essay (750 words max.).
      • At The Drucker School, creativity and innovation are at the core of what we teach. We pride ourselves on giving our students the tools and knowledge they need to find creative solutions to management problems. With this in mind, discuss a time when you used creativity and innovation in your personal or professional life to solve a problem, create change, or make an impact within an organization, group or team.
    • Question 2: Visual Essay.  
      • Develop a road map that gives a visual representation of who you are personally and professionally, and why a Drucker MBA is important to you. The road map should depict your career aspirations and demonstrate how a Drucker MBA will help you achieve your career goals.
      • Guidelines for Question 2: Visual Essay
      • Email your Question 2 presentation to with "Drucker Admission Essay" in the subject line.
      • You must submit your presentation in one of the following formats: PowerPoint, Word Doc, PDF or an image file.
      • The content and format you provide for Question 2 is your choice; there is no preferred or recommended approach to this question.
      • If you choose to provide a PowerPoint presentation, there is a 5-slide limit.
      • All presentations will be printed and notes will be reviewed.
      • The presentation will be evaluated on the quality of content and your ability to convey your ideas, not on technical expertise or design elements.

Note: Offers of admission from The Drucker School of Business are contingent upon successful completion (3.0 or higher GPA) during their first year at Southwestern. Those concurrent-degree students who fall below 3.0 after the first year may be subject to additional application requirements or revocation of their admissions offer from The Drucker School.

Priority Deadline for the Concurrent-Degree Program

The priority deadline for the concurrent-degree program is February 15. Students who submit their applications by this date will receive priority consideration for financial aid.