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Jim Mutter - May 23, 2006

Jim Mutter
Jim Mutter, President of British Columbia Premier’s Technology Council

"Global Economic Leadership and Better Commercialization Models for North America:  Competing and Winning in the Global Knowledge Economy"

In light of the significant growth of technology development and commercialization worldwide and in particular, within Asia, innovative strategies and new levels of collaboration will be required in order to ensure that states and provinces like California and British Columbia remain global leaders. Among other topics, Mr. Mutter addressed (1) his and the Technology Council's focus on technology commercialization and innovation as they complete a comprehensive study on the topic for the British Columbia government, (2) how British Columbia has streamlined its business laws and regulations to attract investment and (3) examples of successful collaborations and outcomes including the ongoing efforts between California and British Columbia to extend the collaboration beyond our borders.

Jim Mutter currently serves as the President of the Premier’s Technology Council. For over two years he has led the Council’s activities in making recommendations to the government of British Columbia (BC) with a mandate of helping BC become one of the top ten centres of technology. Mr. Mutter has worked closely with senior executives from both the public and private sectors to address many issues in areas affecting the growth of the local industry such as access to venture capital, availability of talent, commercialization of technology, and use of technology in government operations.

Mr. Mutter is a well-known industry leader in BC’s technology industry. He has played a vital role as an advisor and mentor to many technology companies. He has more than a decade’s experience assisting companies in the creation of legal and business strategies for the development and commercialization of new products and services. Mr. Mutter is also co-founder and Chairman of Apparent Networks, a Vancouver-based network intelligence software company. As a key member of Apparent Network’s senior management team, he helped lead the company from inception through product commercialization to completion of one of the largest initial rounds of venture financing for a Canadian technology company in 2002. Mr. Mutter has a substantial background in corporate finance and mergers and acquisitions. He was previously a partner at Fasken Martineau, where he helped establish one of the largest technology practice groups in Vancouver.

Mr. Mutter’s extensive law background, first hand experience with company creation and development as well as his deep involvement in industry wide issues has made him a much sought after speaker at events addressing "change" in the economy as well as innovation and commercialization. Mr. Mutter holds a bachelors in business administration from the University of Prince Edward Island and a bachelor of laws from the University of Calgary. Apart from his passion for technology industry and law, Mr. Mutter has a great interest in education and community groups. He is active with the Vancouver Angel Technology Network, sits on the board for the Focus Foundation, the Vancouver Enterprise Forum and various other boards of technology companies and is a former board member of the BC Technology Industries Association.