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About Technology Innovation and Commercialization Law

International leaders continue to emphasize the need to focus on driving innovation and resulting knowledge and technology transfer processes to remain competitive in a dramatically changing global economy. Complacency is no longer acceptable in view of the enormous advances that have been made by countries such as China and India, to name a few. North American regions such as California and British Columbia, along with Mexico, are working together to achieve competitive advantages through the analysis and implementation of best practices in research/discovery, development and commercialization.

Thematically, all stakeholders are learning to maximize human, capital and natural resources to achieve new and more effective solutions, develop new processes and products and improve our overall standard of living and human condition. From a tangible perspective, our collective community of business leaders, policy makers and researchers recognize that they share common goals and vital missions.

Underlying these challenges and opportunities are our foundational understandings, approaches, and novel methodologies to innovation pathways, knowledge transfer across boundaries, and resulting commercialization. This includes focusing on generating new discoveries leading to improved health care, sustainability including alternative energy solutions, and enhanced infrastructure enabling effective goods and resource movement. Overall, such investment will foster new industries and enable development of the next generation work force resulting in more sustainable jobs and enhanced economic growth.