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Vancouver Courses

Students may register for either two courses (4 units) or three courses (6 units). All courses are two units. There are no prerequisites.

Comparative Criminal Procedure
Professor Robert Pugsley

Comparative Sexual Orientation Law
Professors Bruce MacDougall and Ryan Abbott

Global Tort Litigation
Professor Byron Stier/Jasminka Klajdzic

International Environmental Law
Professor Noah Hall and Nick Schroeck

This course is a survey course in international environmental law, with a particular focus on the United States and Canada, broken down as follows:

  • Week 1 (taught by Noah Hall): Introduction to international environmental law - customary international law, international conferences and soft law, multilateral environmental agreements including climate change.
  • Week 2 (taught by Noah Hall): Canada-U.S. transboundary environmental law - the Boundary Waters Treaty and International Joint Commission, the Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement, the Air Quality Agreement, regional treaties and agreements, transboundary water management.
  • Week 3 (taught by Noah Hall): A comparative study of Canadian and U.S. environmental law and transboundary litigation - major federal and state/provincial environmental laws in Canada and the U.S., the role of common law in both countries, opportunities and challenges for transboundary pollution litigation in domestic courts.
  • Week 4 (taught by Nick Schroeck): Current case studies of Canada-U.S. international environmental law - Trail Smelter revisited, transboundary air and water pollution disputes, invasive species, transboundary environmental justice problems, efforts to reform the GLWQA and AQA, advocacy skills for practicing international environmental law.