Southwestern Law School Los Angeles, CA


680A | 2.0 credits


2 to 10 units (depending on semester of participation and nature of placement) Externships at Southwestern serve to enhance the more traditional casebook method of legal instruction by providing students with an opportunity to directly experience the attorney's role through a variety of on-site placements. Southwestern offers a diversified selection of over 100 part-time and full-time externships each semester and during the summer session. Students may by placed in judicial settings, public interest law firms, the entertainment industry, or federal, state and local government offices throughout Southern California. During the summer session, placements are often available through specialized programs in such places as Nevada, New York and Washington, D.C., or with federal court judges throughout the country. All student externs meet regularly for a classroom component scheduled throughout the semester to discuss topics such as professional responsibility, case file maintenance, and skills. Externs are required to maintain weekly time sheets, weekly reflective journals and work product files during their externships for review by a faculty member. In addition, each full-time extern must submit an 8 to 10 page critical commentary at the end of the externship. Each spring, Southwestern sponsors a unique Externship Open Forum on campus. The popular two-day event provides an opportunity for students to talk informally with practicing attorneys and judicial officers from many of the agencies that participate in the law school's externship program. In addition, "Everything You Wanted to Know About Externships but Were Afraid to Ask" allows students to learn more about the requirements, application procedures, specific extern duties, and the areas of law involved in different externship placements.