Southwestern Law School Los Angeles, CA


140B | 4.0 credits | This is a required course.


This course will survey the common law, state statutory, and federal rules of evidence. The rules, principles behind the rules, and cases interpreting them shall be examined. The primary focus of this course is on the Federal Rules of Evidence, with comparison to the California Evidence Code in those instances where California law differs from the Federal Rules. Primary emphasis is on the basic concepts of relevance and prejudice, hearsay and confrontation clause, best evidence, authentication, witness competency, opinion, and impeachment.

Students enrolled in this class will need a laptop computer that connects to the internet and is capable of streaming video. Computers will be used both in the classroom and for the online segment of the course. Enrollment in the class will be limited to 45 students.

The classroom component of the course will involve student's presentation of courtroom simulations of problems, with students acting as lawyers and witnesses. In addition the in-class sessions will involve lecture and discussion, along traditional classroom lines. The online classes will involve videos of topical coverage of materials, video demonstrations, online chat, and the delivery of quizzes.

The final grade in the course will consist of a combination of the in-class simulations, the graded quizzes, and a traditional final examination. The proportion of the valuation of each component for the final grade will be announced at a later time, but students should expect that quizzes will count some substantial part (25 to 50 percent).

Note: This course is not open to students who have taken Evidence (140).