Southwestern Law School Los Angeles, CA

Historic Preservation Law

643 | 2.0 credits


This course provides a broad overview of historic preservation law in the United States, its development and theory, the diversity of issues that arise, and its practical application in legal practice. The course encompasses a variety of issues affecting everyday life in all cities, such as the use and development of real property, environmental protection, and taxes. Historic preservation laws are most commonly recognized for their use in protecting and regulating historic buildings, structures and sites as well as archaeological sites, human burials, and shipwrecks. The course examines the value of historic preservation and historic preservationā€™s role in increasing property values and revitalizing neighborhoods. The business and financial aspects, including tax law, are explored. The course is intended to provide an overview of the federal, state, and local laws most commonly encountered in the practice of historic preservation law. Recent cases and current developments in historic preservation litigation are discussed, as are international historic preservation laws, conventions, and cases that provide a global context.