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Professional Skills

# Course Name (Click for details) Credits
687CRAdvanced Children's Rights ClinicN/A
687IMAdvanced Immigration Law ClinicN/A
687SLAdvanced Street Law ClinicN/A
633Alternative Dispute Resolution2.0
680AMAmicus Project Practicum2.0
680LPAppellate Litigation Practicum3.0
850Appellate Process and Opinion Drafting (January Intersession)1.0
800Art of Persuasion, The (January Intersession)1.0
803Art of Storytelling (January Intersession)1.0
834Behavior-based Forensic Interviewing for Attorneys (January Intersession)1.0
680EBBEMLI ExternshipN/A
627Big and Medium Law Firm Practice2.0
510Business Planning2.0
572CPCalifornia Civil Litigation (Capstone)3.0
547Children and the Law2.0
680CRChildren's Rights Clinic5.0
572Civil Pretrial Practice3.0
537CPComplex Criminal Litigation (Capstone)2.0
591Construction Law, Drafting, and Negotiation2.0
876Courtroom Procedure 101 (January Intersession)1.0
830Criminal Law in Action (January Intersession)1.0
537Criminal Litigation in Practice2.0
692Cutting Edge, The: Emerging Issues in Entertainment2.0
680EHDFEH Civil Rights Clinic3.0
609Drafting Business Contracts2.0
607Drafting Entertainment Industry Contracts3.0
673Drafting Technology Agreements3.0
674Drafting/Negt Video Game Agreements2.0
831Effective Communication in Criminal Practice (January Intersession)1.0
629CPEmployment Law (Capstone)3.0
845Entertainment and Media Litigation (January Intersession)1.0
691Entertainment Business Affairs Negotiation2.0
540CPEntertainment Law (Capstone)3.0
680EPEntertainment Law Firm Practicum3.0
680PREntertainment Production Practicum3.0
608Estate Planning and Drafting2.0
380AExecutive Mind I, The: The Power of Attention (Mini-term)2.0
380BExecutive Mind II, The: Mastering Reactions (Mini-term)2.0
680CPExternship: Corporate In-HouseN/A
680ENExternship: EntertainmentN/A
680GVExternship: GovernmentN/A
680INExternship: InternationalN/A
680JUExternship: JudicialN/A
680PIExternship: Public InterestN/A
551Family Law Procedure and Practice3.0
536Forensic Evidence2.0
579Government Investigations & Prosecution2.0
680IAImmigration Appeals Practicum3.0
680IMImmigration Law Clinic5.0
776International Litigation and Arbitration2.0
680CInterviewing, Counseling & Negotiating3.0
675IP Licensing: Law & Practice3.0
680SFLaw Firm PracticumN/A
682MCMoot Court Honors Program2.0
672Music Industry Contracts2.0
772DPatent Preparation and Prosecution2.0
371Practical Lawyering Skills2.0
589Property Transactions Practice3.0
603Public Interest Law Practice2.0
835Selected Problems in Evidence (January Intersession)1.0
605Small Law Practice Management2.0
806Strategic Alliances (January Intersession)1.0
680SLStreet Law Clinic3.0
664Television Production Law2.0
584Trial Advocacy3.0
584ITTrial Advocacy Honors Program3.0
674Video Game Agreements2.0
680YPYouth Offender Parole Hearing Practicum2.0