Southwestern Law School Los Angeles, CA

Evidence Law and Practice



This course provides a comprehensive survey of the rules governing admission of evidence in judicial trials. Students study the Federal Rules of Evidence (FRE). In the course of studying the FRE, however, students give considerable attention to the principles and policies that underlie the admission of evidence in common law trials. In addition to traditional doctrinal analysis of the Rules, students also participate in a series of simulations designed to introduce the use of evidence rules in courtroom settings. For these "labs" the class is divided into smaller groups of students. Students are required to conduct an examination of a witness in a simulation of a brief segment of a trial. There are numerous labs: several in Evidence I and in Evidence II. Typically, there are two simulations in each lab, with a team of two students each representing the plaintiff/prosecution and defense. Another student is assigned to act as witness. This format allows every student to perform several times in each role over the course of the year. This course covers some of the California Evidence Code as well.