Southwestern Law School Los Angeles, CA

Child Abduction (January Intersession)

841 | 1.0 credits


Child Abduction: Remedies Under the Hague Convention

This course explores issues in family law from an international and comparative law perspective, focusing on issues of child abduction. The course will compare and contrast American and Israeli family law in the context of child kidnapping and abduction. Topics covered in the course will include the definition of child abduction, the different structures of the family law courts in Israel and the United States, how to determine child custody in civil and religious courts in Israel (Jewish, Moslem, Christian), the mechanics of litigating a petition for return of a child, and an examination of the defenses to child abduction. Students will explore the mechanics of a child abduction case from the filing of the petition to its disposition. The course should be of interest to students wishing to practice in the areas of family law and children's rights, as well as to students interested in comparative law.