Southwestern Law School Los Angeles, CA

Jurisprudence Seminar: Truth, Lies, Secrecy and Revelations

766B | 2.0 credits


This seminar focuses on important changes in lawyer-client privilege and confidentiality, a cornerstone of the individual professional relationship, and of practical consequence to the larger society. This seminar also explores the currently controversial developments in the law governing the psychotherapist-patient privilege and confidentiality (e.g., "The Sopranos") and also the law governing the penitent-priest privilege and confidentiality (e.g., as in revelations of murder confessions and the sexual scandals recently facing the Roman Catholic Church). All three topic areas are explored from legal, political, and social dimensions. Through an examination and critical analysis of selective cases and hypotheticals clearly illustrating the limits and consequences of an attorney's employing the new variety of permissive disclosures, both under the ABA Model Rules, and CA B&P §6068(e)(2). Presentations will be made encompassing the explorations into these three law-governing areas. Guest speakers ranging from lawyers to therapists and the clergy will fully develop the practical dimensions facing practitioners in the present and long-term future.