Southwestern Law School Los Angeles, CA

National Security & Foreign Policy Seminar

704E | 2.0 credits


Lawyers have always been intimately involved with the formulation, prosecution and defense of public and individual interests related to the national security. September 11th traumatically induced a realization that our way of life and the freedoms we enjoy are vulnerable to terrorism and other forces that threaten national security. Moreover, the projection of U.S. power and authority beyond its borders to establish a more secure legal order potentially exposes our citizens to other risks. The seminar will explore a large range of topics to better understand the role of law and lawyers, establishing national security, shaping foreign policy, and combating terrorism. Among the topics to be examined are: Presidential power over war and national security; role of law in the development and implementation of U.S. foreign policy; terrorism and efforts by law enforcement to combat it; the regimes that address the development and use of weapons of mass destruction; civil remedies available to victims of terrorism; homeland security and domestic intelligence; national security laws affecting civil liberties.