Southwestern Law School Los Angeles, CA

Cutting Edge, The: Emerging Issues in Entertainment

692 | 2.0 credits


This course will focus on the study of emerging issues in Entertainment Law and a detailed analysis of economic waterfalls in various entertainment agreements.

During the first week of the semester, each student will be required to select a topic for a paper that is relevant to emerging issues in entertainment law. While the student can select the topic, it must be approved by the professor. The paper will be required to be approximately ten to fifteen pages in length, and it should take a practical approach to solving/analyzing the selected topic, including proposed contractual provisions, if applicable. The paper will be due approximately mid-way into the class. The student will be required to present his/her paper to the class.

While students are writing their papers, the first eight weekly sessions will concern the study of deal structure and economic waterfalls in various entertainment agreements as set forth below. These will include (without limitation): Standard definitions for Net Receipts, Gross Receipts, Cash Break Even, Rolling Cash Break Even, Adjusted Gross Receipts (with Home Video included at 100% and on a Royalty Basis), and Distribution Terms for Negative Pick Agreements. The reading materials will be the relevant portions of actual Lionsgate form contracts.

During the last six weeks, each student will be required to do an hour long presentation of his/her paper to the class and run a discussion based on its contents. There will be a two hour final on the deal structure/waterfall portion of this class.