Southwestern Law School Los Angeles, CA

Moot Court Honors Program

682MC | 2.0 credits


Participation in the Moot Court Honors Program is by invitation only. Students who have been selected to participate in Moot Court must register for the program via Student Action Report (SAR) in the Registration Office in W102. For more information, please click here.

First Year Participants

First year participants receive three units for participation in the Moot Court Honors Program, which consists of successful completion of the Moot Court: Appellate Advocacy course component, participation in the Moot Court Interscholastic Competition, and Moot Court Honors Program responsibilities including office hours, judging practice rounds for other teams and Intramural Competition assignments. Units are awarded one unit in the fall and two units in the spring. Students who participate in a fall competition will receive two units in the fall and one unit in the spring. 

Moot Court: Appellate Advocacy - The Appellate Advocacy course component of the Moot Court Honors Program focuses on the appellate process, appellate writing, and oral advocacy. Through the use of discrete exercises surrounding a hypothetical appeal, students will learn to expand their legal research abilities and will develop their legal writing to exhibit clarity, concision, and rhetorical force. In other words, students will learn to turn clean writing into artful writing. In addition, students will be required to make oral presentations throughout the semester to hone their oral advocacy skills.

Returning Members
Returning members receive two units to be awarded in the semester of their competition. Students who serve on the Board of Governors will receive one unit for each semester of participation on the board.