Southwestern Law School Los Angeles, CA

Externship: Litigation



2 to 5 units (depending on semester of participation and nature of placement) Litigation externships place students with divisions of local, state and federal governmental offices that engage in litigation and trial work - both in civil and criminal fields. Some examples include the Los Angeles City Attorney, Public Defenders, District Attorney, and U.S. Attorney. Externs work closely with experienced litigators on a range of projects, including witness interviews, research and analysis, motions, and trials. In certain circumstances, students can obtain certification from the California State Bar and appear before the court as part of their externship. The field placement is complimented by an academic component, which is primarily administered online. In order to enroll in this course, students must timely apply through the Externship Program and obtain the approval of the Externship Office. For specific details, please see the Externship Policies & Guidelines as well as the list of Approved Placements, available in the Externship Office (W231) and online.


Evidence for student certification (may be taken concurrently with externship)