Southwestern Law School Los Angeles, CA

Department of Fair Employment and Housing Civil Rights Clinic

680EH | 3.0 credits


The mission of this clinic is to educate students in the practical skills of lawyering while ensuring that the public is protected from employment, housing and public accommodation discrimination, and hate violence. This clinic offers Southwestern students a unique opportunity to serve the public, to gain first-hand insight into the strategic and ethical aspects of the profession, and to acquire valuable knowledge and legal skills.

Through the clinic, students will have responsibility for a case and will learn to investigate, research, and analyze the relevant facts and law, and to pursue and weigh alternative legal strategies. Students will further develop their research and writing skills through the preparation of memoranda. Clinic students will also develop skills in fact investigation, interviewing, negotiating, and mediation in a real-life context. They will interview witnesses. Students will learn to evaluate a case and develop a mediation strategy. They will learn the importance of empathy in order to work successfully with a complainant. Students will also learn to work with opposing counsel. Equally significant, students will have the opportunity to develop a meaningful and close relationship with clinical faculty through a low student-faculty ratio and close supervision of students' work.

Clinic students will also gain an appreciation of the importance of professionalism. Specifically, students will learn the importance of confidentiality, civility - particularly towards opposing counsel, duty to the court, and how to appropriately deal with complainants. Equally important, the clinic will offer a community service through which Southwestern students will directly serve the public.

There will be an application process in which students must submit, in writing, an explanation of their interest in the clinic, their commitment to public service, and their legal writing grade.

Recommended Courses: Legal Profession; Interviewing, Counseling and Negotiating; Alternative Dispute Resolution; and Employment Law Survey.