Southwestern Law School Los Angeles, CA

Children's Rights Clinic

680CR | 5.0 credits


The Children's Rights Clinic offers students an opportunity to participate in educational rights work, including direct representation of children and families in school discipline and special education matters, community outreach and education. Clinic students will have an opportunity to represent children in school discipline proceedings, represent children with disabilities in special education proceedings, or work with community groups to advocate for better and more equitable educational opportunities for children. Students working on school discipline cases will interview and counsel clients, investigate and develop facts, interview witnesses, conduct legal research, create a case plan, negotiate with school personnel, and, if necessary, represent clients at school discipline hearings. These hearings provide the opportunity for clinic students to submit oral and written argument, examine witnesses, and present evidence before the school board. If appropriate, clinic students may have the opportunity to represent students on appeal before the county board of education. Students working on special education cases will interview and counsel clients, investigate and develop facts, work with mental health professionals and experts, conduct legal research, create a case plan, and represent clients at individualized education program team meetings. If necessary, students may represent clients at mediation or due process hearings. The Children's Rights Clinic includes a mandatory training session to be held at the beginning of the term, a two-hour weekly classroom component that focuses on legal skills, issues in the law and case review, and a half hour weekly meeting with the clinic professor. This is a graded course. There is no paper and no exam. Students will be graded based on a set of criteria given to them at the beginning of the semester. Students must have successfully completed their first year of law school, be in good academic standing, and have taken or are currently enrolled in Evidence. Enrollment is limited to 4 students per semester. In order to participate in the clinic, students must submit an application and resume to Professor Waterstone, Director of the Children's Rights Clinic, and obtain her approval before registering. Applications are available from the Clinic in W408, the Registration and Academic Records Office in W102, or online.


Evidence (may be taken concurrently)