Southwestern Law School Los Angeles, CA

Big & Med. Law Firm Practice

627 | 2.0 credits


This course helps bridge the gap between studying law and practicing law for students interested in joining a big or medium law firm. The course will give students practical skills to succeed as an associate in a big/medium law firm. The course will include, without limitation, an introduction and overview of big/medium firms including firm structure and governance; professionalism and professional identity development; interactions within and outside the firm; approach to various types of assignments, written and oral presentations; working independently and collaboratively; working with support staff; billing, ethics and best practices; deadline management; client service and management; client privacy issues; conflicts of interest; courtroom etiquette; business development; and associate performance expectations and evaluation.

Students enrolled in this course may also concurrently enroll in the Law Firm Practicum. In order to enroll in the Law Firm Practicum, students must timely apply through the Externship Program and obtain the approval of the Externship Office.


Course not open to students who have taken Small Law Practice Management.