Southwestern Law School Los Angeles, CA

California Civil Litigation (Capstone)

572CP | 3.0 credits


This course focuses on civil litigation in California. Litigators must find and assess the legal implications of raw facts, identify potentially governing principles of law, derive and implement case theories and strategies based on immersion in the facts and law, and navigate sometimes tangled, frequently overlapping and always changing procedural routes to resolve their clients' problems. On top of these tasks, litigators must keep their clients informed, involved and satisfied and must maintain their own integrity and ethics. Through the use of simulated civil cases, this course will have students look beyond IRAC and across disciplinary lines to learn to make strategic use of the law to serve clients. It will also require them to develop their powers of analysis and oral and written communication through a variety of skills exercises.

Note: Work experience or an externship in a civil litigation context is ideal, but is not required.


Civil Procedure I and Civil Procedure II