Southwestern Law School Los Angeles, CA

Islamic Law (Mini-term)

565M | 2.0 credits


The course on Islamic law will be co-taught by Professor Mark Cammack and Professor Gilda Gazor, a 2007 graduate of Southwestern and the inaugural recipient of the Montgomery Fellowship in foreign law, who recently completed an LLM in Public Law at Shahid Behesti University in Tehran, Iran. The course will be built around two case studies that examine the contemporary application of Islamic law in two of the world's most important Muslim countries--Iran and Indonesia. As background to the case studies, the course begins with an overview of the history and development of Islamic law and the interpretive methods used by early jurists to derive rules of law from Islam's primary textual sources--the Quran and Sunna or sayings of the Prophet Muhammad. The case studies then explore the varied ways in which the classical Islamic legal tradition has been adapted, manipulated, and distorted to address the circumstances of modernity. The material on Iran focuses primarily on constitutional and public law, and is based on Professor Gazor's work in Iran over the past three years. The material on Indonesia focuses on family law and inheritance, and is part of a forthcoming textbook on Islamic law that Professor Cammack is co-writing with Professor Haider ala Hamoudi.