Southwestern Law School Los Angeles, CA

Entertainment Law and Web 2.0

561M | 1.0 credits


This one-unit, eight-week, mini-term course is an advanced writing course that introduces students to how the Internet in general, and blogs in particular, influence the practice of law. Students will be taught a wide-range of practical research and writing skills, with special instruction on blogs, blogging, and social media. Students will establish and write articles for their own blog. They will learn about choosing a "voice" for their blog, and how to structure their blog to make it "visible" online. Students will analyze a variety of entertainment-related legal issues, and prepare well-researched, crisply written, online posts for Southwestern's new Entertainment Law Blog. Students will also complete a research project that explores how lawyers in the greater Los Angeles entertainment law community employ the web, blogs, and websites to inform, communicate and promote their practices.

Students who enroll in this one-unit, mini-term course must also commit to being a member of the Entertainment Law Blog program in the following semester, for which they will earn two additional units. The two units will be earned for completing a minimum of 128 hours as a blog staffer (the same number of hours as a two-unit externship). Students taking the class will be part of an innovative new project to define, establish and support Southwestern's new Entertainment Law Blog: a content aggregation website focused on daily developments in entertainment law.

The course will be of interest to students considering a career in the entertainment or media law fields. Students with an interest in mass media or journalism, or who want to receive advanced instruction in cutting edge, web-based, legal writing, should consider enrolling in this class.


Copyright Law or Intellectual Property Law