Southwestern Law School Los Angeles, CA

Entertainment Law Blog

561B | 2.0 credits


This two-unit course is a continuation of the Entertainment Law and Web 2.0 (561M) mini-term course. Those who successfully completed the mini-term course will become a member of the Entertainment Law Blog program for the semester following the mini-term course. The two units will be earned for completing a minimum of 128 hours as a blog staffer (the same number of hours as a two-unit externship). Students taking the class will be part of an innovative new project to define, establish and support Southwestern's new Entertainment Law Blog: a content aggregation website focused on daily developments in entertainment law.

Students taking the fall mini-term course must participate in the spring Entertainment Law Blog program. Students taking the spring mini-term course must participate in either the summer or following fall Entertainment Law Blog program.


Copyright Law and Entertainment Law and Web 2.0