Southwestern Law School Los Angeles, CA

Children and the Law Seminar

547S | 2.0 credits


This seminar considers the nature and sources of children's rights, using cases and other materials that reflect social and historical perspectives, law and policy. Class discussion will center on the special social and legal role of children, including constitutional and judicial allocation of power among children, parents, and the state. It will explore recent developments in children's rights, considering some of the contested issues and difficult policy questions. Class discussion will touch on such topics as the Constitutional parameters of children's rights (particularly in the context of the First and Fourth Amendment), the evolving nature of the family, and International recognition of children's rights, as proceeding from the United Nations' Convention on the Rights of Children. The final grade for this seminar will be determined by a final paper, on a topic approved by the professor.


Constitutional Law I and Constitutional Law II (Constitutional Law II may be taken concurrently)