Southwestern Law School Los Angeles, CA

International Entertainment Law

541 | 3.0 credits


This course surveys the legal issues that lawyers confront in representing clients working in the global entertainment industry in a wide variety of roles - as creators, performers, producers, distributors, broadcasters, exhibitors or even retailers. These issue include: cross-border acquisition of intellectual property rights; employment of talent outside their own countries, including immigration and international taxation issues and the authority of U.S. talent guilds over foreign performers and performances; international finance, especially of motion picture production, and payment of talent and other financial participations; barriers created by copyright and international trade law to cross-border distribution of recordings, videos, books and magazines; and issues that arise during exhibition, performance and sale of entertainment, such as domestic content requirements, regulation of offensive content, international piracy, and the cross-border collection of music and movie royalties. Cases and other legal materials are drawn from the United States, Canada, Australia, Great Britain, France and Germany, as well as the European Union and the World Trade Organization.