Southwestern Law School Los Angeles, CA

Globalization and the Transformation of Roles of Lawyers and Law in Latin America

529 AX | 2.0 credits


The course will explore the processes and implications of globalization as it transforms the role of law and lawyers in many parts of the world - focusing on Latin America. One of the themes will be the extent to which countries are converging to similar approaches and norms in particular areas of and approaches to law - or whether different legal cultures will make such convergence unlikely. It will look at the history of law and the legal profession in Latin American countries and see how global processes have affected and are affecting that history. With respect to Argentina, the course will also invite participants (including local practitioners and persons active in promoting change, such as the World Bank and philanthropic foundations) to discuss the development of corporate law firms, public interest law, alternative dispute resolution, criminal justice reform, and intellectual property laws - all of which can be linked to globalization. Those who take the course will gain an understanding of globalization and also the particularities of local legal cultures that relatively few lawyers understand.