Southwestern Law School Los Angeles, CA

Comparative Constitutional Law

521 AX | 2.0 credits


For the Canada Summer Law Program: This course covers topics arising in the comparative study of constitutional systems. Fundamental questions about the nature of a constitution, the process of constitution-making, the role and nature of judicial review, constitutional allocations of governmental power, and political constraints on constitutional rights and constitutional courts will be explored. In addition, the course will discuss various methods of interpreting and implementing constitutional provisions and principles. The course compares the approaches to these issues among several legal systems, with a particular focus on the United States and Canada. For the Argentina Summer Law Program: The course will focus on the comparative study of the structure and content of constitutional law. It will consider different structures for organizing a government and different approaches to the conception of a just, effective and stable form of government. Topics to be considered include the role and structure of constitutional courts, variations in the institutions and practices of judicial review, and constitutionalism as well as substantive constitutional rights such as freedom of speech.