Southwestern Law School Los Angeles, CA

International Law in Practice

478 | 3.0 credits


This course provides the student with in-depth exposure to international private/commercial and public law applicable to the interrelationship and continuum of international private and public law in practice. The focus will be on the issues that typically and frequently are raised during the various phases of international practice, using a hypothetical joint venture to provide cohesion to the analyses of the practice aspects. In addition, graded and non-graded (credit/no credit) skills-exercises will be employed in each phase.

  1. Qualification and International Legal Practice Issues
  2. "The Transaction"
  3. Dispute Resolution - Litigation and Other Advocacy
  4. Compliance Practice

Recommended Courses:
Completion of at least one international law course is highly recommended (e.g., International Business Transactions, International Litigation and Arbitration, Public International Law, International Trade Law, and International Protection of Human Rights). Most importantly, students should have a strong interest in learning about cross-border business issues.


Requires Civil Procedure I, Civil Procedure II, and Business Associations.