Southwestern Law School Los Angeles, CA

Refining Your Legal Writing

365 | 1.0 credits


Refining Your Legal Writing Skills, which is offered by invitation only, is designed to create better legal writers and critical thinkers, and thus more competent and confident lawyers. Students will work on improving their writing from their first year and be mindful of the strategic decisions that come with the rewriting process. The course will consist of ten to twelve individual meetings and a few legal writing workshops. At the outset, students must submit a portfolio consisting of all their LAWS I and II writing with professor feedback, and a reflection of their perceived strengths and weaknesses. Each week, students will work on redrafting a piece of their first year writing and will dialogue about their refined piece - what changes they made and why, and whether they need to further refine the piece and if so, why. To test students' critical thinking, they may be given a few new facts and asked to rewrite an analysis section in light of the new facts.


Legal Analysis, Writing & Skills I (LAWS I) and Legal Analysis, Writing & Skills II: Appellate Advocacy, Legal Analysis, Writing & Skills II: Negotiation, or Legal Analysis, Writing & Skills II: Trial Practice