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Volume 18, Number 1








The Future of International Law (PDF)
Robert Lutz

Keynote Address

Future of Foreign Relations Law of the United States (PDF)
Michael Traynor

International Litigation

The Future of International Class Actions (PDF)
Debra Lyn Bassett

The New Multipolarity in Transnational Litigation: Foreign Courts, Foreign Judgments, and Foreign Law (PDF)
Marcus S. Quintanilla & Christopher A. Whytock

International Trade Law

Inventing Trade Remedies in Response to Climate Change (PDF)
Jeffery Atik

Wealth Distribution, Free Trade, and Competition Law (PDF)
Warren S. Grimes

Redesigning Global Trade Institutions (PDF)
John Linarelli

International Dispute Resolution Law

Investment Arbitration in 2021: A Look to Diversity and Consistency (PDF)
Leah D. Harhay

Trends in International Arbitration (PDF)
Hon. Richard M. Mosk

International Financial Law and Institutions

Islamic Finance: Prospects and Significance (PDF)
Mark Cammack

The Rule of Law and the Contributions of Lawyers to Deepening Latin American Financial Markets (PDF)
Patrick Del Duca

World Financial Markets Look Towards the East (PDF)
Neal S. Millard

International Human Rights

What's Prologue is Past: How the Present of International Labor Law Predicts the Past of U.S. Labor Law (PDF)
Christopher David Ruiz Cameron

The Need for an In-Time Response: The Challenge for the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights for the Next Decade (PDF)
Federico Ramos

International Environmental Law/ Climate Change

Water, Climate, and Energy Security (PDF)
Elizabeth Burleson

International Criminal Law

International Cooperation, Drug Mule Sentences, and Deterrence: Preliminary Thoughts from the Cross-Border Drug Mule Survey (PDF)
Caleb Mason

International Criminal Court in 2021 (PDF)
Linda E. Carter

International Legal Profession

An Essay Concerning the Changing International Legal Profession (PDF)
Robert E. Lutz

Atticus Finch and the Future of the Legal Profession (PDF)
Frederic S. Ury

International Intellectual Property

Extraterritorial Intellectual Property Enforcement in the European Union (PDF)
Marketa Trimble

International Entertainment and Media Law

Pirates in the Family Room: How Performances from Abroad, to U.S. Consumers, Might Evade Copyright Law (PDF)
Tom W. Bell

Media Finance: The Next Generation (PDF)
Steven E. Fayne

International Cultural Law

Cultural Defenses in International Criminal Tribunals: A Preliminary Consideration of the Issues (PDF)
Alison Dundes Renteln

Moving Culture: The Future of National Cultural Property Export Controls (PDF)
Robert K. Paterson

The Influence of Cultural Variables on the International Regime to Combat Doping in Sports (PDF)
James A. R. Nafziger

International Investment Law

Model Bilateral Investment Treaties: The Way Forward (PDF)
Kenneth J. Vandevelde


Give Us Your Weary But Not Your Battered: The Department of Homeland Security, Politics and Asylum for Victims of Domestic Violence (PDF)
Natalie Rodriguez

Human Rights Council Trampling on Rights: Finding Israel's Blockade Legal Underpins The Core Argument Of The United Nations Report Condemning Israel's Attacks On The Flotilla (PDF)
Nathalie Dina

A Proper Means to an End: Why the International Criminal Court Should Prohibit the Application of the Rome Statute's, Article 31(d) - The Necessity Defense, as a Defense to Torture (PDF)
Elliott H. Jung

Because I Asked You Nicely: Defining Prior Informed Consent Under the Convention on Biological Diversity (PDF)
Troy Mueller

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